FYI Brand Launch

FYI is a new lifestyle network that features a mix of reality, culinary and home makeover series.
The brand had to reflect the content's authenticity and unite its diverse range of programming as a whole. It was an exciting project in which I got to tap into my crafty side and spend time crafting props and shooting photographs.

Brand Sizzle

FLEX Toolkits

During the production phase of the project, I was in charge of planning and shooting both still and footage assets for the FLEX toolkits. The goal of this toolkit was to provide an extensive library of items that the network can mix and match on the fly for upcoming contents while maintaining consistency and quality across the network. With an underlaying grid system assigned to each color palette, the delivered After Effects toolkit allows items to be easily toggled on and off to quickly create new promotion material.

FYI flex 1 overlay FYI flex 1
FYI flex 3 overlay FYI flex 3
FYI flex 5 overlay FYI flex 5
FYI flex 7 overlay FYI flex 7
FYI flex 9 overlay FYI flex 9
FYI flex 11 overlay FYI flex 11
All stills and footage shot with Canon 5D MK III with Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L.

The Process

On-Air Package Exploration

In the early stage of the project, I set up and shot scenes of various compositions, perspectives and color palettes to see how this tone-on-tone curated world could be implemented as a television network brand. I enjoyed sourcing the props and spray-painting some of the items, and seeing them all come together in a frame.

Logo Treatment Exploration

Along with the on-air package exploration, it was important to figure out the material and size of the FYI logo in relation to objects around it. The logo shapes were made out of plexiglass using a lasecut machine and poplar wood using a CNC machine. Smoothing the bevels and the surfaces with sandpaper added a hint of craftmanship and detail espicially when seen in an angle.

Behind The Scenes




Pre-Vis Photo Shoots
Motion Tests
Tease Campaign Graphics (C4D + AE)
In-House Shoot
Photo Retouching & Color Correction
On-air Toolkit Production
Print Logo Production


President/Partner: David Herbruck
CCO/Partner: Beat Baudenbacher
Head of Production: Scott Lakso
Creative Director: Daniel Dörnemann
Director of Strategy and Content: Bo Bishop
Art Director: Alexis Ames
Production Coordinator: Nicole St. Germain
Color Correction:
David Conklin, Erik van der Wilden
Greg Tate, Kristen West, Simon Benjamin, Ricardo Villavicencio
Mo Ghayour, Tavet Gillson, Kazuyuki Ishii
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, Kaya Ono
Writer: Mika Saulitis
Erik van der Wilden, Brent Chesanek
Erik van der Wilden, David Conklin,
Nadia Shireen Husain, Brent Chesanek, Kazuyuki Ishii
Illustrator: Ben Zylberman
Live Action Directors:
Daniel Dörnemann, Geoff Bailey
Line Producers:
Paul Middlemiss, Angela Griffith
Directors of Photography:
Rhet Bear, Christopher Webb

Produced at Loyalkaspar