Dlife Disney Time Launch

In the autumn of 2013, Dlife was looking to repackage its youth-oriented block that airs on their channel.
I was in charge of compositing and delivering the on-air graphics as well as producing off-air elements.

Block Open

ID: Gravity


Styleframes for this project were made with Cinema 4D. With the layout rules established by the Dlife brand in mind, I designed the promo elements and in-program messaging graphics.


We produced two versions of the logo; one to be placed in the branded environment and another with a backplate for improved legibility over photographs and none-branded environments. I was in charge of exploring color options and compositing the 9K resolution print logo in After Effects.

Ad Templates

For the print ads, Dlife was looking for a set of templates with varying ratio of the main Dlife brand and the Disney Time package. Based on the Dlife ad templates, I produced the templates below with assets created in Cinema 4D.


V-ray Compositing
On-air Toolkit Production
Print Logo Production
Ad Templates Production
Web Layout Production


Produced at Loyalkaspar
Creative Directors: Daniel Dörnemann
Head of Production: Scott Lakso
Production Coordinator: Travis Hoggard
Logo Designer: Michael Cina
Designers: Tammy Hahn, Kazuyuki Ishii
Maya Animators:
Jean Delaunay, Chris Foster, Chris Russo
Compositors: Chris Foster, Kazuyuki Ishii
Sound: Greg Smith, Kick Music