Gilette + Man of Steel

Gilette and the Superman movie 'Man of Steel' tied up for a campaign playing off of the mystery of Superman's shaving method. Along with three other animators, I animated silly animated slates for 4 viral videos made for Youtube.

This was one of the rare times where anything that could make the client laugh got approved right away. With a short turnaround, we had a lot of fun coming up with ridiculously low-fi and punny visuals. I worked on the spots featuring Kevin Smith and Mayim Bialik.

Animated Titlecards

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GIF 01
GIF 02
GIF 03
GIF 04
GIF 05
GIF 06




Creative Director: Geoff Bailey
Producer: Scott Lakso
Coordinator: Travis Hoggard
Jean Delaunay,Brad Walter,
Dennis Cheung, Justin Zurrow,
Kazuyuki Ishii
Editor: Christie Brown

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