Dlife Disney Time Launch

In the autumn of 2013, Dlife was looking to repackage its youth-oriented block that airs on their channel.
I was in charge of compositing and delivering the on-air graphics as well as producing off-air elements.

Block Open

ID: Gravity

Role: Compositor


Styleframes for this project were made with Cinema 4D. With the layout rules established by the Dlife brand in mind, I designed the promo elements and in-program messaging graphics.


We produced two versions of the logo; one to be placed in the branded environment and another with a backplate for improved legibility over photographs and none-branded environments.
I was in charge of exploring color options and compositing the 9K resolution print logo in After Effects.

Dlife DisneyTime Logo
Dlife DisneyTime Logo

Ad Templates

For the print ads, Dlife was looking for a set of templates with varying ratio of the main Dlife brand and the Disney Time package.
Based on the Dlife ad templates, I produced the templates below with assets created in Cinema 4D.

Dlife DisneyTime Ad Templates
Dlife DisneyTime Ad Templates


Design Exploration, V-ray Render Compositing, Broadcast Toolkit Production,
Print Logo Production, Ad Templates Production, Web Layout Production.


Produced at Loyalkaspar
Creative Directors: Daniel Dörnemann
Head of Production: Scott Lakso
Production Coordinator: Travis Hoggard
Logo Designer: Michael Cina
Designers: Tammy Hahn, Kazuyuki Ishii
Maya Animators:
Jean Delaunay, Chris Foster, Chris Russo
Compositors: Chris Foster, Kazuyuki Ishii
Sound: Greg Smith, Kick Music

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