A&E Bates Motel Graphics

A&E Network was looking for an impactful and unexpected graphics for the tease campaign of the Psycho-inspired series Bates Motel. I was in charge of creating the signature neon motel signage and a title card toolkit for promotional uses.

Show Open

Logo Animation

Initially, the tease campaign project needed a show title treatment for theater and on-air promotion spots.
This single shot animation was created first with information text added beneath the signage. Later, this look inspired the 10-second show open.


The Process



In the beginning, I gathered real-life visual references in order to recreate the signage as realistic as possible. I wanted to understand the science behind how neon tubes illuminate, and how they are perceived through a camera lens. Details like irregular bends, dirt stuck on the back and thin wires holding tubes in place caught my attention along the way.
(Note: I gathered these images from various online sources. Copyright of each image belong to the respective artist.)



2D & 3D Animation
Graphics Toolkit Production


Produced at Loyalkaspar
Creative Directors:
Geoff Bailey & Daniel Dörnemann
Producer: Scott Lakso
Designer: Kazuyuki Ishii
Kazuyuki Ishii, John Koltai,
Brian McGee, Dave Rogers, Curt Saeui

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